Inline help

In order to write inline help, refer to the file kalite/inline/

You don’t have to understand Python to write it really, just reuse the structure that’s already there.

Simple workflow

You should be able to write inline help for a page following these simple steps:

  1. Clone the repository and setup a development environment following the steps in Getting started.

  2. Open up the file kalite/inline/

  3. Add a new entry of a page you wish to write inline help for, for instance if the URL of the page is /learn, then you can add this entry:

    u'learn/?$': [
        {u'#css-id': [
            {u'step': 1},
                _(u'This is the explanation for the user')}


    The URL entry is a regular expression. You might want to implement variations of the URL in case it can be parameterized. Do not include

  4. After changing the documentation, you can view the results by running the development server from command line:

    bin/kalite manage runserver

Once you written inline help, go and open up a Pull Requestion for the develop branch on our Github page.