The kalite command

Once installed, a new command kalite is available from your terminal:

# Start the server in the background (as a daemon)
kalite start

# Stop the server
kalite stop

# Stop and start the server in the background (as a daemon)
kalite restart

# Runs a foreground process where you can see output of the server
kalite start --foreground

# Show available commands
kalite manage help


When the KA Lite software is installed using a .deb package, on Ubuntu, Debian, or Raspbian, do not use the kalite command directly. Instead, use system commands like sudo service ka-lite start, sudo service ka-lite stop or sudo service ka-lite restart.

Using the package ka-lite-raspberry-pi, it runs on a different port.

These configurations will not be active if you run a kalite command from your own command line.

KA Lite Command Line Interface (CLI)

Auto-generated usage instructions from kalite -h:

KA Lite (Khan Academy Lite)

Supported by Foundation for Learning Equality

  kalite start [--foreground] [options] [DJANGO_OPTIONS ...]
  kalite stop [options] [DJANGO_OPTIONS ...]
  kalite restart [options] [DJANGO_OPTIONS ...]
  kalite status [options]
  kalite shell [options] [DJANGO_OPTIONS ...]
  kalite test [options] [DJANGO_OPTIONS ...]
  kalite manage [options] COMMAND [DJANGO_OPTIONS ...]
  kalite diagnose [options]
  kalite -h | --help
  kalite --version

  -h --help             Show this screen.
  --version             Show version.
  COMMAND               The name of any available django manage command. For
                        help, type `kalite manage help`
  --debug               Output debug messages (for development)
  --port=<arg>          Use a non-default port on which to start the HTTP server
                        or to query an existing server (stop/status)
  --settings=<arg>      Specify Django's settings module. Must follow python's
                        import syntax.
  --skip-job-scheduler  KA Lite runs a so-called "cronograph", it's own built-in
                        automatic job scheduler required for downloading videos
                        and sync'ing with online sources. If you don't need this
                        you can skip it!
  DJANGO_OPTIONS        All options are passed on to the django manage command.
                        Notice that all django options must appear *last* and
                        should not be mixed with other options. Only long-name
                        options ('--long-name') are supported.

  kalite start          Start KA Lite
  kalite status         How is KA Lite doing?
  kalite stop           Stop KA Lite
  kalite shell          Display a Django shell
  kalite manage help    Show the Django management usage dialogue
  kalite diagnose       Show system information for debugging

  kalite start --foreground   Run kalite in the foreground and do not go to
                              daemon mode.

Planned features:
  Universal --verbose option and --debug option. Shows INFO level and DEBUG
  level from logging.. depends on proper logging being introduced and
  settings.LOGGERS. Currently, --debug just tells cherrypy to do "debug" mode.